In the care economy, unpaid does not mean worthless


By Laura Addati, ILO Policy Specialist

For me, August means juggling the demands of school holiday childcare with those of my paid employment. Really, it’s like having two jobs; both rewarding and time-consuming, both with responsibilities.

Perhaps it’s only when we have children or other loved ones who need care, that we really recognize the value of unpaid care work. Continue reading

Transforming Mona, the importance of relevant, equitable and inclusive education


Amal Mowafy
Youth Employment Technical Specialist for Africa.

I first met Mona El Khodairy at a difficult moment for her.

I was attending the Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit, in Gouna, Egypt, in November 2016. On the sidelines I saw a young woman in tears, and went to comfort her. Mona was crying because her shortlisted entry for the Nawah Social Entrepreneurship Competition had failed to make the final round.

I quickly realised that the tears were of frustration. As we talked I was increasingly impressed by this young woman from Luxor and her commitment and passion for using opportunities to help both herself and her community. Continue reading

Navigating indigenous rights


Alexius Chicham (National Project Coordinator)

It took 11 hours to make the 400 kilometre journey from the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, to the remote indigenous community of the Bom, who live in the stunning terrain of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

The moment I reached their village, I was struck by their unique culture and way of life as well as by the challenges they face, a long way from basic services, in an area that lacks even essential infrastructure or decent work opportunities. Continue reading