Youth in the Global South Must Join Forces for Their Future of Work


Maria Victoria Alonsoperez, Founder of Chip safer and SDG Young Leader

I believe that the developing world is full of opportunities for young people because many of us have the energy and eagerness to make a difference in the world. In many cases the solutions to problems in communities are simpler than they appear. It just needs someone to push. I know from first-hand experience that there is nothing more rewarding than creating a venture or project that has an impact.

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From exploited to empowered – my journey as a domestic worker


Novelita Palisoc, Union Leader

I didn’t want to become a housekeeper. For me it was a shameful job – the lowest form of work. People look down on you. I wanted to be a teacher. But I had no option. My parents are farmers. I have 10 brothers and sisters. I had to earn money to support my parents. I became a domestic worker as you don’t need any qualifications and it was the easiest way to earn money. Continue reading