How did Dj Belanger die? What happened to the owner of Culture Bread LCC DJ Belanger?

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Dj Belanger, affectionately known to many as Dennis Belanger, was the owner of Culture Bread LLC in Milford, New Hampshire bid his final adieu to his heavenly abode on the 9th of January, 2023. The deceased person is survived by his wife and a baby daughter. The sudden demise of DJ has left the family and friends hard to believe that Belanger is gone forever.

Keep reading the article to know more about DJ Belanger, his cause of death, and more.

Who was Dj Belanger?

DJ Belanger owned and operated Culture Bread LLC in Milford, New Hampshire. DJ started at age 15 as a dishwasher, then moved to a grocery store through high school. From there, he stayed in food service and went to culinary school. He worked as a kitchen manager at Culture Bread and Sandwich. DJ was also an executive chef at Burtons Grill, LLC.

He had married recently and became a father this past year. He was energetic and worked hard to be the healthiest possible father for his baby girl. He had just married the love of his life, and they had a lifetime full of adventures they were getting ready to start. He was a highly talented chef who was well-respected throughout the industry.

How did Dj Belanger die?

Dj Belanger’s death is expected to be natural and untimely, leaving his wife, baby daughter, and other family and friends through a shock wave. The family members are collecting themselves, and the near and dear ones are by the family at this disastrous time for Belangeer’s family.

DJ Belanger’s exact cause of death is not disclosed by his family or loved ones. Dumont Funeral homes announced his sad demise on 9th January 2023.

Culture Milford has invited everyone to a last dinner extending gratitude to DJ Belanger, the Facebook post stated “We would like to invite you to join us this Friday (1/13) and Saturday (1/14) from 10a-5p both days as we serve a menu of DJ’s favorites to make (and wanted to make), have fresh baked breads available, as well as a ‘pay what you can’ case for those to still be able to take something away and donate their own way. for potentially the last time. All proceeds are going directly to DJ’s wife Patty & his daughter Charlotte.”

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Showers of Tribute for Dj Belanger

“A prayer for Dj and those who love him”, wrote one of the family friends of Belanger’s family. He added that the kiths and kins will always remember Belanger in their prayers.

Ethos & Able Creations has shared a post on Facebook extending condolences to his family saying “we lost a brother in DJ Belanger, we love you – Fly high, homie.”

Milford, New Hampshire has shared in a facebook post :

“Before DJ became owner of Culture, he was one of the key members of our culinary staff who helped us get through the challenging year that Covid brought. He is an extremely talented chef that is well-respected throughout the industry. He contributed so much to this amazing community and will be deeply missed. Our thoughts and support are with the entire Belanger family.”

We extend our condolences to all those who knew and loved Dj Belanger; may your memories bring you peace during this difficult time. To further honor him, continue to share his legacy and support Culture Bread LCC’s mission to provide opportunities for rising talent. Let us all do our part in making sure the impact of DJ Belanger will live on forever.

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