How did Kemmer Anderson Die? What happened to McCallie Schools Poet Laureate

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On Friday 3rd March 2023, Kemmer “Yogi” Anderson, known as the unofficial “Poet Laureate” of McCallie School has passed away unexpectedly. Anderson taught and deeply inspired thousands of students for 42 years, who have attended the school with his wise words and kind demeanor. He has left an indelible mark on all of those who had the pleasure of knowing him as well as on the school itself. His memory will continue for many years to come.

Keep reading the article to know more about Kemmer Anderson, his career, and his cause of death.

Who was Kemmer Anderson? Know more about him

Kemmer Anderson who was known as an unofficial “poet laureate” was a beloved English teacher at McCallie School, he became an integral part of the enduring extent of his influence in McCallie’s campus life. He was a resident of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

After a remarkable 42-year career, Kemmer “Yogi” Anderson recently retired from McCallie School, even after retirement, Yogi remained active by attending school events, as well as connecting with past alumni and teachers. In his decades of service to McCallie School and its students, “Yogi” successfully established himself in the hearts and minds of many, demonstrating how one teacher can profoundly transform the lives of thousands for generations to come.

Career history of Aderson:

Kemmer Anderson, a New Yorker by birth, had an extensive academic background, after graduating from both Davidson College and Pembroke State University, he served as a lieutenant in the Korean War, he explored a number of occupations like brickmaker, carpenter, news reporter before eventually deciding to pursue teaching as his lifetime career. In 1977, he was hired as an English teacher at McCallie and quickly gained recognition for his expertise in the field; in addition, he served as goalkeeper coach for the varsity soccer team, and established and advised the school’s Amnesty International chapter. Mr. Anderson also often traveled around the world to attend Milton conferences; one memorable example was when he attended the 400th birthday conference of Milton held in London in 2008.

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How did Kemmer Anderson die? What happened to McCallie Schools Poet Laureate

Kemmer Anderson, a beloved teacher at Hamilton High School, died after suffering an unexpected collapse while attending the funeral service of one of his former students, Brice Burbank ’87. Unfortunately, he was unable to recover despite being taken to Erlanger Hospital and passed away only a few short hours later. Those close to him were shocked by the sudden news and many took to social media to share their memories and condolences. His legacy will remain with those who knew him, a testament to his generosity and commitment as a teacher.

Aderson’s wife, Martha, also a faculty counselor, is planning funeral services to be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Chattanooga. Although the exact details have not yet been known yet, it is sure to be an emotional and heartfelt day to celebrate the amazing life of Kemmer Anderson.

Tributes extended on social media

Aderson was beloved of so many and he has left a remarkable memory on so many hearts, many tributes has been extended on social media portals,

Tom Kale, wrote a memory from McCallie School;


Brian Cole has shared on his facebook page,

Kathleen Vaughan Crevasse shared a memory on her facebook page mourning the death of her former teacher;

We extend our condolences to the beloved family of Kemmer Aderson, he has been a beloved teacher who has made a loveable place in many hearts with his good work. He will be missed by all those who know him.

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