How did Pete Ruggieri die? What happened to Masonic Lite Podcast Host

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The passing of Pete Ruggieri, the creator, and host of the Masonic Lite Podcast, has left many in sadness. He passed away on March 5, 2023, and the podcast announced his death on their Facebook page. His family has not yet released his obituary, and the cause of his death remains unknown.

Continue reading to know more about Pete Ruggieri’s life, career, and the legacy he left behind.

Who was Pete Ruggieri? Know more about him

Pete Ruggieri was a well-known personality, creator, and host of the Masonic Lite Podcast, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He was a talented individual who had achieved success in various fields of work throughout his career. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety and Hygiene Management from the Millersville University of Pennsylvania and worked for companies like Verizon and D&E Communications before founding his own company, 505 Marketing. He later served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company before moving on to work for Accurate Environmental Services, LLC, and Wireless Authority.

Ruggieri was not only a successful professional but also a beloved friend and mentor to many. He had a contagious smile and a positive attitude that could brighten up anyone’s day. He was known for his ability to bring joy to the lives of those around him and for the wealth of knowledge that he was always willing to share. As the creator and host of the Masonic Lite Podcast, he had a platform to share his insights with a wider audience, and he garnered a following of devoted listeners.

How did Pete Ruggieri die? What was her cause of death?

Pete Ruggieri’s cause of death has not been revealed. He was in the hospital for a while before he eventually passed away, according to Pete’s Facebook posts. The podcast is planning a “Tribute to Pete” episode, which will be recorded on March 8 and released on March 13, 2023. His family has not yet released an obituary, and the details of his memorial services remain unknown. His passing has left many in the Masonic and podcasting communities heartbroken.

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Tributes pour in for Pete Ruggieri

Expressing grief over Pete Ruggieri’s death, Dale Martin, Pete’s friend, shared a Facebook post. He mentioned, “The first time I met Pete Ruggieri was when he was applying to bartend at Hot Z`s Underground. We had to replace a bartender that was into the whole “flair bartending ” flipping bottles, etc. So, one of the first questions we asked Pete was ” do you do flair bartending?” and he said “Hell No” 

Pete always had a way to brighten up the room and bring strangers together who would become friends by the end of the evening. May your memory live forever my friend.”

Another person, Ben McClure, wrote, “Extremely saddened to hear of the passing of a friend and former employee, Pete Ruggieri. Gardner’s Mattress & More found Pete at a time where both we needed a rock-solid salesperson and he needed stability. To say it was a perfect match was an understatement. Pete had an uncanny ability to make those around him smile and laugh and his customers loved him. We loved him as well. Pete had a big heart for his (and all) Dobermans and deeply cared about the Lancaster community and those in it. Truly a sad day. Please keep his wife Stephanie in your prayers”

The passing of Pete Ruggieri has deeply impacted numerous individuals, and his absence will be acutely felt. Our condolences and support go out to his loved ones, associates, and the community during this challenging time.

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Who is Pete Ruggieri?

Pete Ruggieri was the creator and host of the Masonic Lite Podcast, a successful professional, and a beloved friend and mentor to many.

How did Pete Ruggieri die?

The cause of Pete Ruggieri’s death has not been revealed yet, but according to various social media posts, Pete was in the hospital for a while before he eventually passed away.