Day 9: Highlights of the Conference

So let’s recap: who were the high-level visits today?

Click on the image below to learn what they said and watch the video recordings of their addresses.

The Prime Ministers of Portugal and of Barbados arrived at the Palais des

Nations, and addressed ILC delegates.

Catch up with today’s edition of the ILC Daily Show broadcast live at 13:00 CET

09:00 am A number of heads of state and government were expected to take the stage of the Centenary session of the ILC today. Here is their arrival at the Palais des Nations. Watch their interventions on the ILO website.

Some additional arrivals of today’s high-level visits

Vice-President of Costa Rica

…and the King of Lesotho

The First Vice-President of Cuba has also arrived

The thematic forums ended yesterday, with the last one about Business for decent work.

If you missed them, you can still watch the video recordings here.



Committees on the agenda of the Centenary session of the International Labour Conference

As we get closer to the end of this historic session of the ILC, the various committees are wrapping up their discussions and finalizing their respective texts.



Book: If you want peace, cultivate justice

If you’re a delegate at the ILC, make sure you collect a free copy of the book ‘If you want peace, cultivate justice‘, which tells the ILO’s story in over 100 evocative and compelling photographs.

Delegates can collect their complimentary copy at the information desk located at door A15 (Concordia Hall) in the Palais des Nations.

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