Day 8: The role of multilateralism and business in promoting decent work

It’s Tuesday – the 8th day of the Centenary session of the ILC – and a lot is going on.

While the plenary sittings and the committee discussions continue, the first thematic forum of today was on the issue of Multilateralism for an equitable future of work .

Speakers at the thematic forum examined what needs to be done at international and regional level to reduce inequality and how the multilateral system can work more coherently to achieve this.

Former ILO Director-General Juan Somavia was among the audience at this morning’s thematic forum. Somavia is expected to participate in a panel discussion with the current ILO Director-General Guy Ryder and one other former Director-General, Michel Hansenne.

Make sure you don’t miss this unique event on Thursday 20 June at 3pm (CET). Watch it live here. 

Check more photos from this morning’s thematic forum.

And the afternoon’s thematic forum was on Business for decent work

The Committe of the Whole and the proposed Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work

Delegates have begun casting their votes on various issues, and this year they can use their mobile phones.

Today delegates also voted on the Programme and Budget for 2020–21.

And we got a present! The Government of Oman has gifted the ILO with a replica of a dhow – the traditional boat from the Sultanate.

Have you ever wondered how many interpreters get mobilized for such a huge conference?

We spoke to Monica Varela, Chief Interpreter at the ILO, who explained how this fascinating profession works. Watch out: she is an interpreter herself so she jumps from one language to the other during the interview.

Book launch: The Driving Force Birth and Evolution of Tripartism – The Role of the ILO Workers’ Group

Since its creation in 1919, the ILO has had a unique tripartite structure, with the participation of governments and employers’ and workers’ organizations, yet not much has been written about how tripartism actually works. On the occasion of the Centenary session of the ILC, a book was launched to present the dynamics at work between the three groups of the ILO. Watch the video recording of the book launch. 


Coming tomorrow:

More heads of government and state are expected to address the ILC tomorrow. Stay tuned to know who they are and watch their interventions.

…and our ILC Daily Show – broadcasting at 13:00 CET

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