One key for bringing health care to the masses

Craig Churchill, Team Leader of the Microinsurance Innovation Facility

Our work on financial inclusion is difficult to understand fully from Geneva, where nearly everyone has access to a huge range of financial services.

Fortunately, I have had a number of opportunities to do field research, conduct surveys, and organize focus groups in developing countries. That is when you get clear insights about the huge challenges that workers in the informal economy, day labourers, and microentrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

These discussions often evolve into conversations about risks – what are the risks that people are most concerned about, what keeps them up at night? Of course, the answers vary a great deal depending on the person and country: not having enough food to eat, no employment opportunities, concerns about their children’s future, natural disasters, theft and so on. But in general, the one concern that is mentioned most often is health: being able to afford decent health care without being impoverished in the process.

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Fighting forced labour helps women beat poverty


Director-General of the International Labour Organization

Note: This entry was originally posted on The CNN Freedom Project blog 

Across the planet, about one in every seven of us lives in extreme poverty, having to survive on less than $1.25 a day. Every day, they and the millions more living just above the poverty line struggle to have enough to eat, and dream of a better life and of earning enough to provide for their families.

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