Mary Beth Hartill died: How did Mary Beth the Bracebridge reporter die?

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The Muskoka community is in mourning over the sudden and tragic loss of Mary Beth Hartill, a longtime and beloved reporter who dedicated her career to covering the people and stories of the region. Hartill died on April 12, 2023, at Andy’s House, Hospice Muskoka. Her passing has left a profound void in the lives of those who knew her, and the community at large.

Continue reading to know more about Mary Beth Hartill’s life, career, and the impact she left on family, friends, and loved ones.

Who was Mary Beth Hartill? Know more about her

Mary Beth Hartill was a highly respected journalist who worked for Metroland newspapers in Bracebridge and Almaguin for 15 years. She was known not only for her exceptional writing skills, but also for her unwavering commitment to the topics and individuals she covered, as well as the broader Muskoka community.

Hartill was a graduate of Humber College, where she earned a journalism diploma. During her tenure at Metroland, she initially covered Almaguin before transitioning to Bracebridge, where she spent the last decade of her career. She was a passionate writer and storyteller, known for her ability to provide clear, timely, and insightful coverage of a wide range of issues.

Her talent for listening, reading people like an open book, and providing excellent advice made her a beloved figure in the community. Outside of work, Hartill was an avid lover of nature, finding peace in being outdoors and on the water.

How did Mary Beth Hartill die? What was her cause of death?

Mary Beth Hartill, a talented writer and committed journalist, passed away in the early hours of April 12th after a short battle with cancer. She died at Andy’s House, a hospice in Port Carling. Her family, friends, and colleagues at Metroland Media are grieving her loss and have expressed their admiration for her dedication to her work and the community. The funeral arrangements will be communicated later by her family. Mary Beth Hartill was a remarkable woman who made a lasting impression on those who knew her, and her passing is deeply felt by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.

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Tributes pour in for Mary Beth Hartill

Steph Jenn expressed his grief over Mary Beth Hartill’s death by writing on Facebook that it had been a roller coaster ride for her and how cancer is terrible. He also mentioned that the only solace was that she did not suffer for long and expressed gratitude towards Mary’s coworkers at the Bracebridge Examiner for their tribute.

On Facebook, James Patrick Bowler expressed his deep sadness upon learning of Mary Beth Hartill’s passing. He referred to her as one of the most remarkable people he had encountered in Muskoka, and her presence always brought a smile to his face.

While he regrets her untimely departure, he takes comfort in knowing that she can now rest peacefully, aware of the significant contribution she made to the community and its residents.


Who is Mary Beth Hartill?

Mary Beth Hartill was a journalist who worked for Metroland newspapers in Bracebridge and Almaguin for 15 years and was highly regarded.

How did Mary Beth Hartill die?

She died on April 12th, in the early hours of the morning, at Andy’s House, Hospice Muskoka, after a short battle with cancer.

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