Malissa Birchall Georgia founder & director at Kitty Up has died: The cause of death explained

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It is sad to share that an inspiring entrepreneur Malissa Birchall Georgia who laid the foundation of Kitty Up Cat rescue passed away on 16th Feb 2023. The unfortunate death of Malissa has left everyone in shock, with a huge loss to the Kitty Up cats rescue organization in a difficult situation needing many pets for immediate adoption.

Keep reading the article to know ow more about Malissa, her career and her cause of death.

Who was Malissa Birchall Georgies? Know more about her

Malissa Birchall, an inspiring entrepreneur, laid the foundation of Kitty Up in 2019. She brought forward her vision to create a platform for pet owners that would provide quality healthcare services at competitive costs. The easy-to-use service provided widely accessible services to customers.

Malissa Birchall was the creator and proprietor of Kitty Up, a widely successful business that provided shelter, care, and adoption services for cats. Malissa Birchall has always been a strong advocate for animal welfare, carrying that passion with her from childhood and following in her father’s footsteps to care and protect strays. Her devotion to the cause drove her to contribute by volunteering at multiple rescue centers around Atlanta, where she quickly realized the demand for more rescues and education on humane treatment through spay/neuter programs (TNR). Wanting to make a difference in the world of animal welfare, Malissa dedicated herself to empowering people through education and awareness on the importance of TNR.

Through her dedication and hard work, she transformed her humble beginnings into a full-fledged organization and moved numerous cats into loving homes. However, due to the passing of Malissa’s, Kitty Up has been forced to close its doors leaving hundreds of cats in search of new homes. The abrupt closure of this amazing operation is a deeply unfortunate situation, especially since 150 cats are now in need of immediate adoption.

How did Malissa Birchall Georgies Die?

Malissa Birchall was an inspirational and extraordinary woman who held a deep passion for the cat community in her region. She passed away unexpectedly on Friday 16 February 2023, and it is alleged that the cause of death was Chiari malformation.

Despite this tragic occurrence, Malissa’s impact on a great number of people’s lives was undeniable, with her beauty, immense kind-heartedness, and dedication to helping those around her made her beloved by everyone she met. A loving mother and wife, who lit up any room she walked into, Malissa Birchall was simply unforgettable in every way.

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Tributes to Malissa Birchall on social media

Many tributes are shared on social media channels on sad demise of Malissa Birchall, Brittany Satterfield has shared a post to support the kitties Malissa Birchall use to take care of;

If you would like donate towards the family for expenses or sign up for meals please use the links below. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Hug Bob and Alleah for each of us Malissa, we love you and miss you desperately. 💜


PayPal for shelter – [email protected]com Or on our website the donation link is at the bottom of the page. Meals for the family – Family Expenses :

She has also extended prayers to her family and loved ones.

Another friend, Samantha Jackson shared a post

Cob County Kitties has shared a post extending condolences to Malissa’s family

We extend our condolences to Malissa’s family in this difficult time, we hope you have received the required information through this article. Please feel ree to share your comments in comment box below.