How did Coach Jacqueline Kindlon die? What happened to Colonie Pop Warner notes Head Coach

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Jacqueline Kindlon a coach of Colonie Pop Warner notes passed away on 16th Feb 2023. She has left behind her family with young kids, and her early demise is mournful to all those who knew her.

Keep reading the article to know more about Jacqueline Kindlon and her cause of death.

Who was Jacqueline Kindlon?

Jacqueline Kindlon was working with Colonie Pop Warner notes as a coach, recently she was associated with Tiny Mite program. She was mother of two, was a very enthusiastic and loving person.

A fund raiser was started to support her battle when she was hospitalized.

Lisa Gallacchi started the fundraiser on behalf of her husband Stephen Kindlon; she mentioned;

“Jacqueline Kindlon is a mother, wife, daughter and friend with a beautiful heart and an infectious smile. Sadly, she is in liver failure, which is ultimately causing kidney failure as well. Having a liver transplant is not an option for her. Jacqui has a positive spirit but truly misses her family at home while she is in the hospital getting the medical treatment she needs in order to survive. She has thus far fought hard and will continue to fight hard, but we are now asking for help from family and friends. All donations will go towards medical bills and expenses, medical equipment needed, possible at home health care and to compensate for lost wages while she is in the hospital. Thank you in advance for all your generosity, love, prayers and support for Jacqui in her fight.”

How did Jacqueline Kindlon Die? What was the cause of her death?

It was with great sadness that the family of Jacqueline Kindlon announced her untimely death a few weeks after she was admitted to hospital care, it is believed she died of battling illness and liver failure ultimately causing kidney failure as well. Having a liver transplant is not an option for her.  She peacefully passed away surrounded by her loved ones, who could provide comfort and strength to support her during this trying time. Jacqueline was an adored mother of two, who recalled fond memories of watching her graceful demeanor and being beamed with love by her infectious smile and bubbly laughter.

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Tributes extended to Jacqueline Kindlon

Many tributes have been extended to Kindlon’s family on her sad demise

One of her friends Kyle has shared in a Facebook post

It’s very sad to know about the passing of Jacqueline Kindlon, we extend our prayers to her family and kids. Hope you have received the required information through this article, please don’t forget to extend your prayers in comments below.