How did Patrick Hannas die? Edmonton Ice Hockey Players Mourns his death

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Constable Patrick Hannas passed away on March 6, 2023, according to various reports. Hannas was a respected member of the Edmonton Police Service, having served for over two decades. Constable Patrick Hannas was a dedicated member of the Edmonton Police Service, having worked in various departments such as South Division Patrol, Whyte Avenue Beats, Spousal Violence, Child Protection, the School Resource Officer Unit, and Source Management/Crime Stoppers.    

Continue reading to know more about Patrick Hannas life, career, cause of death, and the impact he left on his family and loved ones.

Who was Patrick Hannas? Know more about him?

Patrick Hannas had a background in teaching, which he used to enhance the communicative and curriculum dynamics within the school teaching environment during his time in the School Resource Officer Unit.

Hannas had a passion for serving the community and was always looking for opportunities to grow and advance his career. He believed that the Edmonton Police Service provided unparalleled support to its members, allowing them to investigate and keep themselves and the communities they serve safe. Hannas was well-liked by his colleagues and was known for making lifelong friends, colleagues, and connections within the community.

When he wasn’t fulfilling his duties with the police, Hannas enjoyed traveling outside of Canada and exploring new places. He was also involved in various media appearances, where he acted and entertained others.

How did Patrick Hannas die? What was his cause of death?

The exact circumstances surrounding Patrick Hannas’ death are not known, but Mitch MacLeod shared something about the incident. In the changing room of the Downtown Community Rink, police officer Patrick Hannas’ body was discovered. When Hannas passed tragically, Mitch MacLeod, who was there at the Downtown Community Rink, stated that despite all attempts to save him, Hannas died in the dressing room. In spite of Mitch’s willingness to assist Hannas and his outreach to those who eventually alerted the authorities, Hannas tragically passed away on March 6, 2023. As his death’s cause was not made public, many people are mourning his passing and wondering what occurred.

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Tributes pour in for Patrick Hannas

Expressing grief over Patrick Hannas’ death, Chris Seheult, shared a Facebook post. He wrote, “Yesterday was a day I hoped would never come!  The loss of Patrick Hannas, (for my kids- Uncle Pat) friend and brother, part of our family!  We all have great times to remember and replay in our minds of the stories, laughs and inspiration he was to us all!  He will be forever missed and remembered!  Pat’s wife Elina and his mom are in our Prayers!  Love you Bro!”

Another person, Kathy Morency, Patrick’s cousin, wrote, “Patrick was my beloved cousin. Thank you for helping him…God Bless you”

The passing of Patrick Hannas has deeply impacted numerous individuals, and his absence will be acutely felt. Our condolences and support go out to his loved ones, associates, and the community during this challenging time.

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Who is Patrick Hannas?

Patrick Hannas was a respected member of the Edmonton Police Service, having served for over two decades in the police.

How did Patrick Hannas die?

The exact circumstances surrounding Patrick Hannas’ death are not known but Mitch MacLeod shared something about the incident.

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