How did Italian Actor Dario Penne Die? Know everything about Bender Bending Rodríguez actor

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Italian actor and voice artist, Dario Penne, who had a career that spanned decades sadly passed away on February 15, 2023. Throughout his storied career in the entertainment industry, Penne was well-recognized for his unique skill set as a dubbing artist.

In particular, he became renowned for his work providing dubbed voiceovers for popular shows such as Futurama, he provided the iconic voice of Bender as well as overdubbing a significant portion of Anthony Hopkins’ and Michael Caine’s parts. His work will be sure to live on in the mind of fans and viewers around the world.

Keep reading the article to know more about Dario Penne and cause of death.

Who was Dario Penne? Know more about him

Dario Penne, born on 17 February 1938, Trieste, Italy was an Italian voice actor who is remembered for dubbing the voices of renowned actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Michael Caine, Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Kingsley, just to name a few. He was well known for being the Italian-language Bender Bending Rodriguez on Futurama, Emmett “Doc” Brown in Back to the Future Part II and Part III and Agent K in Men in Black.

Additionally, news organizations often referred to him for his many dubbing roles including Alfred Pennyworth in Dark Knight trilogy films and Sentine. Penne easily became one of Italy’s most popular movie star voices with his role as a professional dubber lasting from 1938 through 1973.

How did Dario Penne died? The cause of death explained

The life of Dario Penne came to an end peacefully in Rome on February 15th, 2023. He was 84 years old at time of his death, his cause of death is still not disclosed by his family or known ones.

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Tributes on social media:

Many tributes are being shared on social media on the sad demise of Dario Penne; has shared a tribute on facebook post:

“It’s not like there’s a lot of time to study when you’re dubbing. I mean, very often you don’t even see the movie first, once you do. #InnocentSilence showed me this before, but it rarely happens anymore. Often you arrive in the room without even knowing what to do and you find the movie in front of you. The important thing though is that the director is good, professional, prepared and knows how to explain well what happens before, after and during, to get you into the character.” Farewell to the voice actor #DarioPenne who passed away today at the age of 84 🙏

We extend our condolences to Dario Penne’s family and loved ones, please share you prayers in the comments below.