A rocky but productive road to jobs

Tonderai Manoto

Tonderai Manoto, Chief Technical Advisor “Road to Jobs” Project Afghanistan

I arrived in Afghanistan for the first time in July 2015. On arrival I was apprehensive, expecting bullets to fly and bombs to explode at any moment. Yet, the calm of the environment in which I landed surprised me.

In the midst of the conflict-affected country, I witnessed hard-working, peace-loving people going about their lives, seemingly unperturbed by the conflict.  They come out every day to eke out a living, driven by steadfast hope and deep-rooted determination, to rebuild their lives and their local economies.

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Can technology transform the fashion industry?

Dan Rees Photo

Dan Rees, Chief of Better Work

Talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution can quickly get abstract. Discussion travels at lightning speed into a world of augmented reality and robots, blockchain and biotechnology.

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Why indigenous peoples’ knowledge matters to a green future of work


Shauna Olney, Chief of the ILO’s Gender, Equality and Diversity & ILOAIDS Branch
Srinivas B. Reddy, Chief of the ILO’s Skills and Employability Branch

Can indigenous and tribal peoples help save the planet?

That is a question we looked into when we teamed up with the University of Oxford to research what traditional knowledge means in everyday practice and how it can contribute to addressing climate change. Continue reading