Who Killed Jesse Ropos? Stacey Ropos Winnipeg Woman Demand Justice After Husband Died on Vacation in Mexico

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Jesse Ropos, a 36-year-old father of three, was found dead in his hotel room while on vacation in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico on Friday, January 13th, 2022. The two hotel staff members were detained in connection with his death, and the Winnipeg woman, Stacey Ropos is now demanding justice for her husband’s death.

Keep reading to know more about Jesse Ropos, including what happened to him, who killed him, who is the suspect, what his wife, Stacey Ropos says, tributes for Jesse Ropos, and much more!

What happened to Jesse Ropos?

The Ropos Family went on vacation in Catalonia Yucatan Beach hotel in Puerto Aventuras, a private resort located about 75 kilometers southwest of Cancun on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

Stacey Ropos was informed by resort personnel that her husband, Jesse Ropos had passed away just 12 hours before Jesse and Stacey Ropos were scheduled to board a flight from the Catalonia Riviera Maya resort in Puerto Aventuras.

In an interview on Wednesday morning, Stacey remarked, “It was supposed to be absolutely safe. She remarked that the pair had “made so many memories” over their nine days at the resort. Stacey stated that she and her husband had stopped by a resort bar on their final night there, on January 13 and while Jesse remained back, she went up to their room to sleep.

According to a police record that was translated and sent to CTV News Winnipeg, Jesse allegedly assaulted two resort visitors and two security guards. According to the report, Jesse was restrained by two resort staff, one of whom allegedly put him in a chokehold.

Stacey was awakened by resort employees at around 3:00 in the morning and directed to the hotel bar. A woman stopped me as I approached and said, “I regret to tell you that your spouse is dead,” after noticing the police tape. Said, Stacey. I rushed over the police tape to where he was standing and immediately started yelling at him to get up.

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How Did Jesse Ropos Die? Who Killed Him

Jesse Ropos, 36, was tragically murdered in the early hours of Friday, January 13th, 2023, in the lobby of the Catalonia Yucatan Beach hotel in Puerto Aventuras. After a dispute, two resort personnel allegedly choked and restrained Jesse, according to his wife Stacey.

Elio Campbell tweeted and confirmed his passing, saying,

“Anyone must carefully consider whether a trip to Mexico is reasonable before making a reservation. Jesse Ropos was murdered in the lobby.”

SSPYT Police Officers Statement

Two guys, 36 and 34, were detained and charged with murder. The next course of action will be decided on Friday while they are still in prison.

We caught two suspects for their suspected crimes in the death of a person of foreign origin, in a hotel inside the tourism complex of the Puerto Aventuras mayor’s office, they tweeted.

Stacey Ropos Demands Justice

A Winnipeg lady who was in Mexico on her vacation is demanding justice after learning that her husband was killed by two hotel staff members the night before their flight home. She said, “For what they took from me, “not even prison is good enough for them”.

Since returning home, Stacey has been on a mission to get to the bottom of her husband’s death. However, the Mexican authorities have been slow to respond, and Stacey feels that they are not taking her concerns seriously.

Stacey’s demand for justice has also brought attention to the issue of crime and safety in Mexico. According to the US Department of State, crime in Mexico is a major concern, and tourists have been targeted in a number of high-profile incidents. In recent years, there have been reports of kidnappings, extortion, and murders of tourists in Mexico.

Fundraising Campaign

Tommy Turza set up a GoFundMe page to help his family. According to a campaign organizer, Stacey is still in Mexico working to bring Jesse’s body back to the United States. The page has raised around $19,000 of its $20,000 target as of now.

Tributes for Jesse Ropos

Many of Jesse’s friends and relatives expressed their shock at his passing on social media, and they continue to offer their condolences to his family.

Randy Norris, one of his close friends posted,

“We just discussed how wonderful life has gotten, and you were a terrific friend. I’m pleased for you, guy. R.I.P I will miss you, brother Jesse!

Kyle Zimmer mentioned, “The conversations and memories we shared throughout the year will always be cherished! I’m glad we got to have a good time one more time this summer. You made an impact on this planet, and many people will miss you terribly.

Jesse Ropos’s death has raised many questions, and his wife Stacey’s demand for justice is a reminder that the safety of tourists in Mexico is a serious concern. In the end, Stacey Ropos deserve justice.

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