How did Los Angeles co-owner of Stories Books and Cafe Alex Maslansky die? Cause of death explained

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We regret to inform you about Alex Maslansky’s demise. He was a co-owner of the well-known Stories Books and Cafe in Los Angeles, California. Many friends, family members, and clients are mourning over Alex’s passing because he was a cherished member of the community. Continue reading to learn more about Alex’s life, career, and legacy.

Who was Alex Maslansky? Learn more about him

Alex Maslansky attended The Evergreen State College and was born in Los Angeles, California. After completing his schooling, he followed his love of reading and joined the team at Stories Books and Cafe, a bookshop near 1716 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. 

He was well-known for being witty, vivacious, and encouraging of other writers and had a particular interest in punk literature. Many of his friends and clients have expressed their sorrow at his loss on social media by posting memories of him.

How did Alex Maslansky die? What was his cause of death?

After a brief illness, Alex Maslansky passed away on January 18, 2023. Chris Desjardins shared the tragic news of his passing on Facebook on Sunday. He passed away for an unknown reason, but everyone who knew him will mourn him dearly. 

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Tributes pour in for Alex Maslansky

Expressing grief over Alex Maslansky’s death, his friend Tosh Berman shared a Facebook post. He wrote, “Alex Maslansky (1979-2023).  I worked with Alex at Book Soup numerous times.  When he became a citizen of Stories Bookstore in Echo Park, I felt proud of him.  That store and space reflected his personality whenever I entered that world. A bookstore should reflect on the staff or owner, and I felt Alex was in his proper place there. If he named the store “Alexworld,” that would have been an understandable name for that bookstore/cafe.”

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Another friend, Philip Best, wrote, “On my first AS bookselling trip to LA I pounded the streets being turned away from absolutely everywhere until I met Alex Maslansky at Stories Books and Cafe – he believed when no-one else was interested. RIP to a great bookseller and utterly charming man. I’ll miss him.”

In the aftermath of Alex Maslansky’s untimely demise, we express our sincere sympathies to his family, friends, and all those who knew and loved him. We pray that God will give each person the strength they require to get through this trying time.

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