How did Kathryn Jane Hinish die? What was the cause of flowerwitch death?

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Kathryn Jane Hinish, better known by her name FlowerWitch, passed away at the age of 31 on March 16, 2023. Originally from Reedsville, she had been living and working in New York City until her sad and untimely death. A creative spirit full of wit and passion for life, she will be fondly remembered by her family and friends.

Keep reading the article to know more about Kathryn Jane Hinish and her cause of death.

Who was Kathryn Jane Hinish? know more about her?

Kathryn Jane Hinish, affectionately known as FlowerWitch, was born on December 7th, 1991 in Reedsville and had a loving family that included her father, Joseph Hinish; her stepmother, Tracy Hinish; her mother, Ellie Sievers; and stepfather, Mark Sievers. Kate was particularly close to her maternal grandmother Patricia McKnight and also cherished time spent with her sister Carly Vance (Dave), along with her nephew Jackson and step siblings Kaylee Keller and Chad Sievers.

After completing high school at Indian Valley High School in 2010 Kate studied economics at Penn State University to fulfill a lifelong ambition of living in New York City. She achieved great success as a floral designer there until the time of her passing at only 31. Although highly talented professionally, it was her warm spirit that made Kate unforgettable for all who knew her she had an infectious personality that could bring light into any room through its karaoke performances and side-splitting remarks. Her hobbies included traveling, music, and spending quality time with family.

How did Kathryn Jane Hinish die? What was the cause of her death?

The death of Kathryn Jane Hinish has been shocking, she passed away on 16th March 2023 after some illness. She was a beloved daughter from Reedsville and had recently moved to New York City before succumbing to an illness.

To honor her life, a celebration will be held on this Sunday the 19th at King-Barr Funeral Home in Lewistown, where family and friends are welcomed for an afternoon of sharing stories about this remarkable woman. Kate’s bright spirit will continue to live on the hearts of her loved ones.

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Tributes on social media

Many tributes have been extended by his friends and loved ones;

Carly Vance has shared on her Facebook page “I love you forever little sister”

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