How did Hardye Moel die? What happened to the model for the character of Agent Moel?

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Louise Penny announced the heartbreaking news of Hardye Moel’s death on Facebook on, February 11th, 2023. Recently on February 9th, she passed away peacefully surrounded by her loved ones but unfortunately away from her husband whom she cherished so dearly. According to Louise, Hardye was an exemplary friend who put up a brave fight until the very end.

Keep reading the article to know more about Hardye Moel and her cause of death.

Who was Hardey Moel?

Agent Moel, a character presented in the newest novel, was inspired by Hardye Moel who not only proposed thoughts for the author but also guided her through her writing journey with her words of encouragement. Hardye completed her schooling at Maine East High School and proudly graduated in 1965.

She helped to shape the protagonist and has undoubtedly left a lasting mark not only on the novel but on the life of its creator as well. It was decided that it would be an apt tribute to her unwavering support that her name is brought forth into literary history by featuring it prominently within the story. Little did she know; Hardye’s legacy will now stand alongside that of the author.

How did Hardye Moel die? What happened to the model for the character of Agent Moel?

Hardye Moel courageously battled stage 4 lung cancer for over five years before passing away peacefully at home surrounded by her loving husband Don and daughter Kate. Despite the severity of her illness, she was able to find inner peace and become an inspiration to so many. Her memory lives on as a source of motivation for many. The family and friends of the late Hardye have received an overwhelming outpouring of love and support during this difficult time.

Louise Penny sorrowfully announced the death of Hardye Moel, who had been courageously fighting stage fourth lung cancer for over five years. According to Penny, Hardye was a woman of immense love, kindness and thoughtfulness, whose generosity was matched by her legendary laughter. This brave woman will be remembered as an inspiration and model for the character Moel in Penny’s novel. Hardye’s departure has left deep grief and sorrow amongst her family and friends, yet it is believed that she is now finally at peace.

Tributes to Hardye Moel:

A classmate and friend of Hardye, Patsy Henderson Bowles has shared a post giving tribute to Hardye, “So sad to report that Hardye Simons Moel passed away the evening of February 9, 2023. Hardye was in the class of 1965, at Maine East High School. She was a dear, sweet friend to many. Please keep her husband, Don, and her family, in your prayers. 🙏🏻

A sad day…”

Our thoughts and prayers remain with her family and friends as well as those closest to Hardye in mourning the loss of a great woman. Hope you have received the required information through this article. Please share your feedback in the comment box below.