Grayson Oie died: What happened to Elko New Market MN and Mount Olivet Lutheran Church member?

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Grayson Oie, a member of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and a resident of Elko New Market, Minnesota, passed away on Friday, March 10, 2023, according to a Facebook post made by Oie Jewelry, which is owned by his mother Liz Oie. Grayson Oie was a skilled individual, known for his ability to fix anything and everything, from technological gadgets to mechanical systems and potentially dangerous social situations.

Continue reading to know more about Grayson Oie’s life, career, and the impact he left on family, friends, and loved ones.

Who was Grayson Oie? Know more about him

Grayson Oie was an Elko, Minnesota, resident who was originally from Lakeville, Minnesota. He attended Lakeville North High School, a public high school located in the northern section of Lakeville. Grayson Oie was known to have a brilliant mind with a touch of rebellion, and he was fiercely protective of his family and friends. He had a generous and compassionate disposition, and he was passionately protective of his children, Jon and Claire. He was also exceptionally trustworthy and accountable for his responsibilities. Grayson was the son of Liz Oie, the owner of Oie Jewelry, which is an online marketplace for independent jewelers.

How did Grayson Oie die? What was his cause of death?

Although the cause of Grayson Oie’s death has not been confirmed by his family, there are speculations that it may have been due to a car crash. His death has deeply affected his loved ones and the community, and many have offered their condolences and shared their memories of him on social media. The funeral service for Grayson will take place at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis at 2 p.m. on Friday, and his obituary will be released by his family at a later time.

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Tributes pour in for Grayson Oie

Jeana Bressler expressed her grief over the loss of Grayson Oie in a Facebook post, stating that there are no words to describe the depth of the loss felt by his family, friends, and everyone who knew him. She praised Grayson’s big heart and his willingness to help others. She also acknowledged his devotion to his family and his business, Screaming Eagle Marine. Jeana promised to support and guide Grayson’s family as an aunt and great-aunt. She expressed her love for Grayson and believed that he is now with some loved ones who passed before him, especially Dakota and Grandma Marge. She wished Grayson would take them all for a ride of their lives in his boat across the infinite, clear blue ocean of heaven and watch over his beautiful family through all the sunrises and sunsets in heaven above.

Harry Oie, who may be Grayson’s brother, shared on social media that he lost his best friend and an amazing brother. Grayson was a great dad, teacher, and friend who inspired Harry’s interests in trucks, boats, and travel. Harry expressed his love for Grayson and his difficulty coping with his loss.

The passing of Grayson Oie has deeply impacted numerous individuals, and his absence will be acutely felt. Our condolences and support go out to his loved ones, associates, and the community during this challenging time.

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Who is Grayson Oie?

Grayson Oie was an Elko, Minnesota, resident known for his brilliant mind, generous and compassionate disposition, and fierce protectiveness of his family and friends.

How did Grayson Oie die?

The family has not confirmed the cause of Grayson Oie’s death, although it is widely speculated that he died in a car crash