Top 10 Free-to Play NFT Games 2023

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Do you love playing video games and earning rewards? If so, then consider trying out the new wave of free-to-play blockchain-based non-fungible token (NFT) games. NFTs gaming platforms offers gamers a way to participate in the rapidly growing world of cryptocurrency without needing to invest heavily like with traditional methods. These games provide an innovative approach to gaming where players trade digital collectibles for real money or cryptocurrency along with in-game investments that create an entire economy while also promoting creativity and excitement. Read on to learn more about these entertaining new platforms and how they could revolutionize the industry…

So, How Free-to-play NFT Games Works

NFTs are the digital equivalent of collectible items. They are based on blockchain technology, meaning they are not interchangeable or replicated like traditional currencies. This makes them unique and secure while also allowing developers to create games that let players make in-game purchases using cryptocurrency.

In these free-to-play NFT games, players can use the crypto they’ve earned to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles such as artwork, cards, tokens, or other virtual items. They can also invest in in-game assets that offer real value. This makes it possible for players to use their skills and knowledge to build up a portfolio of valuable digital items.

How you can Earn by Playing Free NFT Games

The most obvious benefit of free-to-play blockchain games is the ability to earn actual cryptocurrency. This can be used for real-world purchases or simply enjoyed as a reward for playing.

But there are other benefits too. For instance, these games promote creativity and encourage players to come up with unique ways to earn rewards. Plus, blockchain technology ensures transactions are secure and that players can trust the platforms they’re playing on.

Finally, these games have the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by making them more accessible and profitable for developers and gamers alike. With low barriers to entry and no subscription fees, these platforms are set to attract more players than ever before.

Top 10 play-to earn games free 2023

1. Axie Infinity

Free-to Play NFT Games

Axie Infinity is an online game that combines elements of virtual pets, trading cards, and battles. Players can breed their own Axies, collect and trade them with other players, and battle monsters or each other to earn rewards. The game is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and puts a spin on the popular ‘crypto pet’ genre.

Players start by buying an Axie egg from the marketplace. This egg hatches into an Axie, a digital creature made up of 3 parts – head, body, and tail. Each part has its own stats and moves that can be used in battle. Axies can also be bred together to produce random new offspring with different stats than their parents.

Players then use their team of up to 6 Axies to fight against monsters or other players in turn-based battles. Victorious teams are rewarded with various items such as potions or coins which can be used to improve their team’s stats or traded for cryptocurrency in the marketplace.

There are many ways to customize your team with different combinations of parts and moves, making the game strategic yet unpredictable at the same time.

In addition to battling, players can also earn rewards in the form of Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

These tokens are tradable on several cryptocurrency exchanges with real money and can also be used within the game as currency for buying items from merchants or even breeding rare Axies from special eggs!

Lastly, players are encouraged to take part in tournaments for a chance to win additional prizes like limited edition accessories for their Axies. 

Overall, playing Axie Infinity offers a unique combination of player vs monster battles, trading card gameplay mechanics, and play-to-earn opportunities that no other game currently offers.

With its highly engaging combat system coupled with potential rewards for those who put enough time into it – be it through playing or investing – this game should definitely not be missed by any fan of blockchain gaming!

2. CryptoBlades

Free-to Play NFT Games

CryptoBlades is a free play-to-earn NFT game inspired by an RPG game. Players can engage in battles against their enemies & can earn rewards in the form of skill tokens.

So to start the game, first players must purchase a character by paying a minimal fee. This allows you to have your own avatar in the game & afterwords you can assign them accessories including weapons, dresses, etc. 

The aim of CryptoBlades is to progress through levels by defeating enemies and gaining experience points and rewards. As they progress, they can upgrade their character’s equipment and skills to become more powerful warriors.

They can also collect rare equipment which unlocks special abilities. Players have access to a wide range of weapons like swords, axes, daggers, and bows with different attack capabilities. 

Players have the opportunity to earn more rewards by participating in tournaments or events held within the game as well as trading resources with other players on the marketplace.

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Additionally, they can monetize their activity by selling their characters or rare items that they have found during their adventures. The more successful they are at fighting monsters and collecting loot, the more powerful their characters become; ultimately allowing players to gain higher rewards from engaging with CryptoBlades gameplay.

 3. Illuvium

Free-to Play NFT Games

Illuvium is a unique NFT gaming platform that allows players to capture, merge and upgrade unique Illuvial creatures called Illuvials.

Players can explore the extraterrestrial world of Illuvium and use their newly acquired monsters to fight against opponents.

With each win, players can earn valuable rewards in the form of game tokens and other digital assets. With over 100 Illuvials to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

The game has an ever-evolving meta that changes depending on player actions, making for an exciting experience every time you play.

The game also features a variety of team battles and tournaments, where players can earn extra rewards by playing strategically with their teams.

By successfully merging Illuvials together, players can create stronger versions of themselves to take on more difficult challenges and opponents.

Moreover, when a player wins a battle or tournament, they gain access to rarer monsters that will give them even more power when fighting against the toughest foes! With its exciting battle system, rewarding play-to-earn model, and unique meta, Illuvium offers players a one-of-a-kind blockchain gaming experience.

4. Plant vs Undead

Free-to Play NFT Games

Plant vs Undead is an NFT play-to-earn game, where a player must purchase seeds in order to play.

Tokens are assigned to you named as PVU tokens are required to buy the seeds that are available on the marketplace.

During gameplay, these tokens can be exchanged with a crypto exchange of choice and then used as currency.

This game is quite simple but fun and challenging! Players need to plant different plants, such as cabbages, carrots, etc., on their farms and protect them from zombies.

As they progress in the game, they can upgrade their farms by unlocking new features like acquiring special plants or powerful weapons to fight off zombies.

As players earn PVU tokens for playing successfully, they can increase their earnings by selling the NFTs in the marketplace or trading them with other players. Additionally, players can also earn rewards from daily missions, competitive tournaments, and much more!

5. The Sandbox Game

Free-to Play NFT Games

The Sandbox Game is an excellent play-to-earn NFT game that offers players a wide range of options to invest in.

The game has been running since 2012, but it’s popularity recently skyrocketed with the rise in Metaverse prices.

In the game, players can buy, sell and trade a variety of NFTs. The Sandbox Game is renowned for its security, making it a safe long-term investment in gaming models. 

Players can use a variety of tools to build and customize their land plots at ease such as pixel art tools and voxels (3D pixels).

Additionally, they have access to an asset marketplace where they can find various types of resources from audio files to sprites that are certified ERC721 tokens that are cryptographically protected.

Players can also create their own digital collectibles called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which are stored on Ethereum’s blockchain network. 

Players have the option of participating in “play-to-earn” activities such as tournaments, scavenger hunts, mini games or simply explore virtual worlds created by others.

They earn SAND tokens from these activities which can be used to purchase new assets from the market or even sold on third party exchanges like Uniswap or Binance. As SAND tokens gain more liquidity and utility, they could become increasingly valuable over time.

6. Star Atlas

Free-to Play NFT Games

Star Atlas is an expansive and immersive NFT game with unique graphics and unparalleled features. Players can buy, sell, and trade assets such as ships, characters, and buildings using Ethereum blockchain technology.

With a huge universe of planets, cities, galaxies, and more to explore, you can create your own micro-economies in the game by harvesting resources from the environment or building structures like farms.

There are hundreds of missions to complete in order to earn rewards like coins or ERC-20 tokens. The game allows for players to also build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) within their universes.

Furthermore, players will be able to build relationships with other gamers using chat functions in the game. All currencies can be exchanged on Star Atlas’ internal marketplace where items such as rare skins, NFTs and digital art can be bought or sold.

The game utilizes state of the art Unity Engine 5 technology which features realistic physics engines that drive seamless animations while providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

With its innovative features and wide range of activities available for players, Star Atlas is a revolutionary NFT gaming platform that is sure to captivate even the most experienced gamers!

7. Gods Unchained

Free-to Play NFT Games

Gods Unchained is a new card trading game that has been designed to revolutionize the genre by blending elements of NFT with an already familiar format.

It offers players a unique experience, allowing them to purchase or win cards through PVP matches, with more emphasis on skill and strategy than luck.

These cards can be traded over any native or open marketplace.

There are various types of cards available, including commoner’s versions called “common cursives” which offer basic functionality without artwork.

Players can also use GODS tokens to purchase in-game assets which can be traded or sold for a premium.

The game play involves building decks from your collection of cards which you then use to battle other players across different arenas and gain rewards for victory.

This is an exciting and immersive way to earn rewards while playing a fun and strategic game.

8. Splinterlands

Free-to Play NFT Games

The Splinterlands game is a digital card game where users can buy, trade, and collect cards in order to obtain rewards.

The game is built on the blockchain, which allows users to keep their progress secure forever.

To get started, users need to register and purchase an introductory package that includes 10 cards.

From there, players can further customize their decks with additional packs from the shop within the app using earned currencies, or by trading rare items with other players.

With every match played and reward collected, players can earn DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) which can then be used for trading and buying new cards from the marketplace.

Furthermore, Splinterlands also offers tournaments where participants battle against each other for bigger prizes as well as seasonal challenges with exclusive rewards. Overall, it’s a fun game that rewards its players with cryptocurrency for simply playing!

9. Polygonum

Free-to Play NFT Games

The Polygonum game is an immersive and highly engaging multiplayer survival simulation experience.

It offers players the chance to purchase, trade, and customize their own regions, this exciting game has something for everyone.

In the three primary zones – Player Versus Player (PVP), Player Versus Environment (PVE) and Farming – players can partake in a variety of activities such as hunting, fishing and exploring.

Additional features include crafting, building structures, gathering resources, defending against enemy attacks and completing quests.

By earning in-game currency through these various methods, players can enhance their gaming experience by purchasing special items or upgrading their skills.

With its unique blend of strategy, skill and exploration, Polygonum offers hours of entertainment with endless possibilities.

10. Gold Fever

Free-to Play NFT Games

Gold Fever is a 2022 game, based on the golden era of California in 1849. Players are invited to explore and claim their own stake in the lush jungle landscape, where they can purchase NFTs for land and buildings that generate passive income.

This lively gold rush has plenty of opportunity for profit, but also danger from different player factions.

To extract resources, players must locate specific locations on the map while also evading others attempting to do the same.

Gold Fever provides intense competition as players battle to find gold nuggets and increase their wealth through powerful strategies.

With 100% squat-proofing, everyone stands a fair chance of claiming their fortune within this thrilling world of treasure and danger.

Enjoy an immersive experience as you traverse paths alongside other players searching for precious resources while getting one step closer to your riches!

Overall, playing NFT games like Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades and Illuvium offer a unique combination of rewards and gameplay mechanics. Whether you are a player wanting to earn rewards, an investor looking for unique opportunities, or a casual gamer just looking for something new to experience, these games are a great way to have fun and potentially make some money. With their unique play-to-earn models, the potential to earn rewards is virtually limitless! So don’t miss out and start playing today!


Q1. Free to play NFT games Android

Ans. Axie infinity, The Sandbox, Alien World, Splinterland are some the games can be easily played on Android & IOS devices.

Q2. Which are the Play-to earn crypto games free?

Ans. Above Mentioned top 10 game list are free to play online without investing a penny.