Stand up for Zero Discrimination against LGBT people at work

Richard Howard

Richard Howard, ILO Senior Specialist on HIV and AIDS, Asia and the Pacific

I mentioned to an old friend a while back that we at the ILO were carrying out research on discrimination toward lesbian, gay, transgendered people and bisexuals (LGBT) in the workplace. His response – and this was coming from a gay man mind you – was why? Why should the ILO or anyone else care about what a worker does on their own time?

The implication is that what one does in the bedroom — one’s personal sexual behavior — should stay private. There is really no reason for these matters to come up at work. Continue reading

Five things everyone should know about work and HIV

I was first diagnosed with HIV when I was 22. I had successfully completed an apprenticeship at a private company in Mexico and was about to be hired when I was told that I was not “medically suitable” for the job.

I remember asking myself: “Does this mean that I cannot be efficient at what I am doing because I am living with HIV?”   Continue reading