What’s on the agenda at this year’s International Labour Conference?

Janine Berg, Senior Economist

Greg Vines, ILO Deputy Director-General for Management & Reform

The 105th Session of the International Labour Conference gets under way in Geneva, Switzerland from 30 May – 10 June. Here’s a primer on the main issues that will be discussed.

Progress on poverty

Poverty rates have been falling steadily for over two and half decades, but a new ILO report shows that the rate of progress has slowed significantly. In fact, in some developed countries, poverty levels have even begun edging upwards since the economic crisis.

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Tunisia, two years on

Raymond Torres

Raymond Torres

By Raymond Torres, Director of the ILO’s International Institute for Labour Studies

The fall of Tunisia’s authoritarian regime two years ago brought hopes of major change in the North African country. Today, some disenchantment can be felt. Continue reading