PUBG: New State Mobile Releases New Update, Weapons, Vehicle & Many More

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Krafton, developer of the New State Mobile game and one of the major players in the gaming industry, recently released a some great updates for their hit title. As part of this latest installment, players can expect to see all-new gameplay elements and experiences, a bevy of bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements; much more than was originally anticipated by fans! Whether you’re an experienced veteran or just getting into online gaming on mobile platforms, this new update brings with it something for everyone – so come check out what makes New State Mobile worth playing today!

Key Facts:-

  1. Team Deathmatch Mode is now available on the ARENA map
  2. weapons and vehicles include increased long-range damage for SMGs, ARs and LMGs
  3. Increased function on speed & durability of vehicles
  4. Drone Store’s cooldown has decreased and the delivery speed has increased

What’s new about Team Deathmatch Mode

The newest update to ARENA has brought some fan-favorite action! Players can now enjoy team deathmatch (TDM), where they’ll compete against each other in an intense battle for victory. As teams race to be the first side with 30 kills, all sorts of chaos is sure to ensue – but no worries about any sneaky care package items disrupting your tactics this time around!

About Shooting Range & Keeper’s Facial

Players of SR will have to make the most out of their 500 additional points, as the reduction from 800 has significantly altered gameplay. Changes in difficulty and pattern are also being implemented with Siege Mode while its rankings have been reset. Survivor Pass Vol. 15 brings along a Keeper who players can get more acquainted with by completing story quests – granting them his facial appearance once everything is finished! You might be interested in Top 10 Offline PC Games 2023

About New State Mobile Game

The New State Mobile game, released in 2021 by Krafton, is an online FPS game for iOS and Android. The game features multiple maps with different playstyles and objectives, as well as intense gun battles between players. Players can customize their characters with various skins and emotes, or seek out special rewards in the form of in-game items. With the new update, players can look forward to an even more thrilling gaming experience.

So why not give New State Mobile a try today? The game is available for download on both iOS and Android, so you can jump in and start playing right away! With its exciting updates and Team Deathmatch Mode, there’s no better time to join the action!

So what are you waiting for? Download New State Mobile and start your battle today!