Matthew Anthony Moreno 21 Years Old of College Station Died in an Accident

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In the wee hours of Friday morning, March 24, 2023, a fatal collision took place in College Station, Texas. Matthew Anthony Moreno, a 21-year-old biker, was killed in the collision. The event happened at the junction of Wellborn Road and Rock Prairie Road. Tragically, Moreno’s death was confirmed on the spot. The Texas Department of Transportation’s records indicate that there were 8,611 motorcycle accidents in the state in 2018. Yet astonishingly, 417 of them ended in death. The tragedy serves as a sharp reminder of the risks involved with motorcycling and the significance of driving carefully. Continue reading to know more about Matthew Anthony Moreno’s life and how the accident occurred.

Who was Matthew Anthony Moreno? Learn more about him

Matthew Anthony Moreno was a resident of College Station, Texas, and was just 21 years old at the time of his death. He was riding his motorcycle southbound on Wellborn Road when he collided with a car that was turning left from the northbound lane of Wellborn onto Rock Prairie Road. Moreno was an unfortunate victim of the accident, leaving behind friends and family who mourn his loss. Unfortunately not much information has been found about the victim of this tragic accident. 

How did the accident happen? How did Matthew Anthony Moreno die?

A deadly crash took place at the intersection of Rock Prairie Road and Wellborn Road in College Station early Friday morning. The accident involved a 21-year-old motorcyclist identified as Matthew Anthony Moreno of College Station, who was traveling southbound on Wellborn Road when a Mercedes turning from the northbound lane collided with him, intending to go westbound on Rock Prairie. Unfortunately, Moreno was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

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As a result of the incident, all southbound lanes on Wellborn were closed, while eastbound and westbound Rock Prairie remained open. Northbound Wellborn was temporarily closed but reopened later. The intersection was shut down until 5:00 a.m. to allow officers to conduct the accident investigation. Southbound traffic was diverted at Fraternity Row, while northbound traffic was rerouted through the Tigerland Express Exxon Station. The accident is still under investigation, and CID and Accident Reconstruction teams are collaborating with the officers to establish the exact cause of the accident. At present, the deceased’s next of kin has not been identified.

It’s unfortunate that accidents like this occur, and they serve as a tragic reminder of the importance of exercising caution and being mindful of other drivers while on the road. It’s essential to remember that accidents can happen to anyone, and it’s vital to prioritize safety while driving, particularly when operating a motorcycle.

News about Matthew Anthony Moreno

The College Station Police Department shared a Facebook post, sharing more information about the accident. The College Station Police Department identified the deceased motorcyclist as Matthew Anthony Moreno, and the accident is still under investigation. The accident occurred when a Mercedes turning left collided with Moreno’s motorcycle traveling southbound on Wellborn Road. The southbound lanes of Wellborn were shut down, and the intersection was closed until 5 a.m.

Many people have been severely affected by Matthew Anthony Moreno’s death, and his absence will be felt keenly. We send our sympathies and support to his family, friends, coworkers, and the community during this difficult time.

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  1. Who is Matthew Anthony Moreno?

    Matthew Anthony Moreno was a 21-year-old resident of College Station, Texas who died in a motorcycle accident at the intersection of Wellborn Road and Rock Prairie Road.

  2. How did Matthew Anthony Moreno die?

    Matthew Anthony Moreno died in a collision between his motorcycle and a Mercedes that was turning left at the intersection of Rock Prairie Road and Wellborn Road in College Station.

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