How did Natalya Keeshig Lisk die? Missing 22 year old girl found dead

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At the age of 22, Natalya Keeshig Lisk went missing after she was last seen at Owen Sound Hospital on March 24, 2023. She was around 5’5″ in height and weighed 140 pounds, wearing a black shirt, trousers, and winter boots, and carrying a small brown-tan purse. Unfortunately, her family confirmed that she was later found dead, causing immense grief and prompting questions about the circumstances surrounding her tragic passing.

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Continue reading to know more about Natalya Keeshig’s life, career, and the impact she left on family, friends, and loved ones.

Who was Natalya Keeshig? Learn more about her

Natalya Keeshig Lisk was a young woman and a self employed artist who struggled with addiction. Despite her challenges, she was described by her family as a person who embodied the highest standards of excellence. She was kind-hearted and had a soothing presence that made those around her feel at ease. Natalya had previously recovered from her addiction, but reports suggest that she was still struggling with its effects at the time of her passing. She was a 22-year-old with her whole life ahead of her, and her untimely death was a devastating loss for those who knew her.

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How did Natalya Keeshig die? What was her cause of death?

It is currently unknown what caused Natalya Keeshig Lisk’s death, but there are reports indicating that she was struggling with addiction at the time of her passing. Despite having previously overcome addiction, she was still experiencing its negative effects. Unfortunately, further details surrounding her death have not yet been disclosed, leaving her family and loved ones in mourning as they seek answers.

In honor of Natalya’s life and birthday, her family and friends are invited to a celebration at Maadookii. Natalya had expressed her wish for her loved ones to gather for a dinner on her special day. A sacred fire has been lit at the Maadookii Centre in memory of Natalya, and donations can be made there. An obituary will be released shortly. Soup and sandwiches will also be available for the next few days. The Keeshig and Lisk families have been offered condolences, and it is hoped that Natalya rests in peace.

Tributes pour in for Natalya Keeshig

Jason Kerr expressed his sorrow over the passing of Natalya Keeshig Lisk, his friend, in a Facebook post. He mentioned that he was worried after seeing several missing persons reports about her, and he was devastated to learn of her passing. Despite the news feeling unreal and looking like fake news to him, he hoped that Natalya would rest in peace if it were true.

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Breanna Grace expressed her condolences over Natalya Keeshig Lisk’s death, stating that she was sorry that the Owen Sound Hospital had turned her away multiple times when she sought help. Breanna hoped that Natalya and another person named Brooklyn, whom she also knew, were reunited in the afterlife. Breanna was saddened by the fact that Natalya’s birthday and funeral was so close together.

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Many people have been severely affected by Natalya Keeshig’s death, and her absence will be felt keenly. We send our sympathies and support to her family, friends, coworkers, and the community during this difficult time.

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Who was Natalya Keeshig?

Natalya Keeshig Lisk was a 22-year-old young self employed artist who struggled with addiction but was described as kind-hearted and having a soothing presence that made those around her feel at ease.

How did Natalya Keeshig die?

Natalya Keeshig Lisk’s cause of death has not been determined, but reports suggest she was struggling with addiction. Her family and friends are invited to celebrate her life and birthday at Maadookii.

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