How did Kerri Wynne MacLeod die? What happened to Ocean 100 Morning Show Host?

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On Saturday, February 25th, 2023 a sad news has been circulating of social media, about the passing of Kerri Wynne Macleod the co-host of Ocean 100 morning show in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. A bright light in her community, Kerri had a passion for family and friends and lit up any room that she entered.

Her faith and motivation to positively impact those around her certainly did not go unnoticed by everyone. Here is more about Kerri and what happened to her if she died or alive? Keep reading the article to know more

Who was Kerri Wynne MacLeod? Know more about her

Kerri Wynne MacLeod has been a beloved fixture on the radio for well over a decade. Since May 2005, she has been the morning show co-host of Ocean 100/Stingray Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in Canada. Her enthusiasm and lighthearted approach to conversations puts listeners in a positive state of mind for their entire day. With her vast amount of knowledge on anything from pop culture to Canadian politics, Kerri Wynne keeps her listeners tuned in throughout the morning. Every Wednesday at 6:30am is when Kerri Wynne use to get everyone ready for their weekly wacky word, which helps spice up the conversations throughout the show.

Islanders have grown to adore her as they consistently turn her not only as their go-to morning host but also as their friend who is always there to start each morning off strong with a smile!

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How did Kerri Wynne MacLeod die? What happened to her? Is she dead or alive?

Many sources are sharing information about Kerri Wynne MacLeod’s death, although no confirmation has been shared by his family, friends, or known ones until the post.

But it is sure that she was undergoing some serious sickness for the past few days and was hospitalized for her treatment. Ocean 100 has mentioned about her health issues while announcing Kirk MacKinnon’s decision to separate from the Ocean 100 shows recently.

Marlee MacDonald, her family also shared her concern about Kerri’s condition and shared a post saying “Praying so hard for Kerri Wynne MacLeod ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 I need that laugh in my life!”

We hope Kerri is recovering and is in good health and alive, we extend prayers for her recovery and wellbeing.

Prayers on social media

People and the community of Islands have been sharing posts and posters for the recovery of Kerri in the past week,

Karen MacMillan shared a post about a week ago which was supported by a lot of comments on Facebook.

In conclusion, it is still not sure if Kerri Wynne Macleod, has died and we wish her a speedy recovery and coming back strong with her vibrant energy to brighten up every morning of the community eagerly awaiting to hear her.