How did Kelsey Mayer Die? what happened to 18-year-old Concord High grad

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An 18-year-old girl from Concord, Kelsey Mayer, passed away on March 25, 2023. Kelsey had recently graduated from Concord High School and was attending Keene State College. The school administrations of both Concord High School and Keene State College offered their condolences and made counseling available to students who were affected by the tragedy. Continue reading to know more about Kelsey Mayer’s life, career, and the impact she left on family, friends, and loved ones.

Who was Kelsey Mayer? Learn more about her

Her tragic passing has had a significant impact on the college community, which has rallied to provide support to Mayer’s loved ones. According to her aunt Jen Albino, Mayer was an exceptional individual who loved deeply and passionately. Mayer’s family has established a GoFundMe page to help cover the expenses related to her medical bills and end-of-life arrangements. $56,867 has been raised of the total $100,000 goal.

How did Kelsey Mayer Die? What was her cause of death?

On Thursday, Kelsey Mayer, an 18-year-old freshman at Keene State College, tragically passed away after sustaining injuries in a car crash on Route 9 in Stoddard, New Hampshire.

She was driving a Chevrolet Cruze when it collided with a logging truck that was backing into a nearby logging site.

The accident occurred at approximately 4:45 a.m., and Mayer was trapped in the car for 90 minutes while rescuers tried to extricate her from the wreckage.

She was eventually taken to Concord Hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries, but unfortunately, she did not survive.

Allison Yanski, who was also in the car with Mayer, sustained serious but non-fatal injuries in the accident and received medical treatment at Cheshire Medical Center. The New Hampshire State Police are still investigating the cause of the crash. 

Tributes pour in for Kelsey Mayer

Anthony Brock expressed his sorrow over Kesley Mayer’s passing in a Facebook post, stating that there was no one more deserving of such a tribute than her.

He admired Kesley’s ability to spread kindness and joy, and cherished the memories they shared.

He also expressed a desire to relive those moments again. Finally, he declared that he would miss Kesley every day and hoped to meet her again in the afterlife.

Wendy A Higgins Backholm requested prayers for her friend Jeffrey Mayer and his family on Facebook, as his daughter Kelsey Mayer was involved in a serious car accident. She asked for people to pray for them.

Many people have been severely affected by Kelsey Mayer’s death, and her absence will be felt keenly. We send our sympathies and support to her family, friends, coworkers, and the community during this difficult time.

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Who is Kelsey Mayer?

Kelsey Mayer was an 18-year-old college freshman and recent high school graduate known for her passion and loving nature

How did Kelsey Mayer die?

Kelsey Mayer died in a car crash on Route 9 in Stoddard, New Hampshire, as a result of injuries sustained in a collision with a logging truck

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