Include indigenous people in COVID-19 response


Pratima Gurung, General Secretary, IPWDGN President, NIDWAN

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on an indigenous peoples, particularly those with disabilities.

In Nepal the COVID-19 crisis has been especially hard on indigenous peoples. We had to learn a new vocabulary and use words like quarantine, self-isolation, hand sanitizers and social distancing. Continue reading

My first 100 days in Baghdad under COVID-19 lockdown


Maha Kattaa, Country Coordinator for Iraq

From my very first meeting in Baghdad I knew things would not be simple. The high-level UN official I met greeted me with only a faint smile. Looking at my headscarf, she said, “You will face many challenges in Iraq because of your appearance. You look like the local staff, and I worry that you will be led to another room to sit with the assistants during official meetings.”

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