The ILO goes to Hollywood

Iselin Danbolt

Iselin Danbolt

By Iselin Danbolt, Brand Management and Marketing Officer, Department of Communication and Public Information

With trepidation I stepped on a plane to Hollywood to meet with – let’s face it – some of the world’s most famous workers in their natural habitat.  We live in a world where we are infinitely fascinated by celebrities. Who wears what, who has had cosmetic surgery and who’s dating who are questions you will often find people discussing. I can’t judge, as I am also one of them.

And although I would love to share more details in response to the questions above, I was more interested in finding out about what the industry thought about the ILO.

Of course, the ILO has worked with artists in the past on campaigns to eradicate child labour, end slavery and promote social justice. This time, the focus was on the green economy and how to promote green jobs for the next generation. We were in Hollywood because the publication Vanity Fair had chosen to honour the ILO and its Green Jobs Programme through one of its pre-Oscar parties.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What surprised me was the level of interest in the topic of green jobs for young women and men, and, perhaps more importantly, passion for the ILO’s work, at large. This commitment also rang true for the impressive machineries behind these individuals. Now, there is no doubt that for many, doing charitable work is one way of enhancing one’s brand.  But for most, or should I say for those we met, this was not the case.

I must admit, it was refreshing (not to mention reassuring) to be in a room filled with what the industry calls “the talent”: composers, directors, producers, photographers, musicians and actors— most of whom could identify one or more areas of the ILO’s work they particularly cared for.

Although some asked if they could donate to the organization, most just wanted to use their creativity and talent, to spread the word about our work, which is the purpose of our ArtWorks Programme.

ArtWorks aims to bring together the ILO and artists committed to promoting fundamental rights in the world of work. One composer (who shall remain nameless of course), said that he was tired of creating music for movies he could not care less about and wanted to use his skills and creativity to make a difference. Good for him, I say.

The morning after the night before, I read an article which described the event and its aftermath as follows: “If there’s anything Hollywood likes almost as much as Oscars week, it’s a new cause”. Of course for the ILO, there’s nothing “new” about the notion of sustainable, green and decent jobs. But I can’t but feel that more and more are starting to catch on.

Photos from the event: Vanity Fair And The Fiat Brand Celebration Of “Una Notte Verde”

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