Pills and condoms alone aren’t enough to beat AIDS

All of us who will be in Melbourne to attend the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) this month need to reflect on one question: What does “stepping up the pace” — the theme of the conference —mean?

With just a year left until 2015 — the end date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the commitments made under the UN Political Declaration of 2011— it is certainly time for that final push. But it’s also time to look beyond the 2015 goal post and reflect on what can be done to achieve an AIDS-free generation.

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The quest for a better life in the Global South

After completing high school, I left Kathmandu for the United States to pursue a higher education. That was around 15 years ago and back then, most young people who left Nepal went to similar destinations in the “developed world.”

Not my cousin. He dropped out of high school and went to work in the Middle East. Close to two decades later he still works there, having just left Nepal for another two-year stint.

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Hitting the right note for the Red Card to Child Labour Campaign

The launch date was set in stone. 12 June; World Day Against Child Labour; opening day of the football World Cup. With just months to go, we were looking for a big idea that would enable us to harness the power of communications to reach traditional and new audiences with a strong message about the 168 million children in child labour.

We had not planned on using that most ancient way of expression – music – but through our artists’ engagement programme, Artworks, we learnt that a US musician, Mike Einziger, was interested in the ILO’s work and wanted to contribute. He is the Grammy-nominated lead guitarist for the rock band, Incubus, who wrote the guitar riff for one of the biggest pop songs of 2013, Wake Me Up. We set up a meeting and he told us he wanted to write us a song about child labour. Download the song Learn about the campaign
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